Tours & Excursions

Popular Island Tours

Tour of the Island includes a drive through the world famous Grace Bay, Leeward, and a stop at the world’s first and only Conch Farm. There are lot of other interesting stops along the way, some you might find breathtakingly beautiful. I’m very sure you will have questions, and as a questions entertainer i will be happy to entertain your questions.

Custom Tours

We provide customized Island tours based on your request. Destination options are Bugaloo’s Conch Bar & Restaurant on the beach with tour of the Beautiful Silly Creek and chalk Sound National Park. Another great choice is the famous Conch Shack with rum tasting in different bars. We also do shopping tours.

Caicos Bank & Long Bay

On this tour you will view the breathtaking turquoise Caicos Bank, including the Kite beach with windsurfers and skateboarders who are doing acrobatic tricks with they’re sail gear. See the Famous Conch Farm and learn all about the Conch life cycle, from birth to your plate.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach

Leeward Beach


Conch Farm


Bogaloo's Conch Crawl


Chalk Sound National Park


Emerald Cay, Silly Creek


Kite Beach on Long Bay




Conch Life Excursion


Either you decide on our organised tour or you might be interested in a custom island tour. Please contact us for more info or reservations.